Without Beta Sigma Beta, where would we be? Here’s what two brothers told us. 

We hear it time and time again when we talk to brothers about Beta Sigma Beta, without the Beta chapter many of you would not be where you are today if you had not been a part of this brotherhood. Read on to hear what two of your brothers had to say on the impact Beta Sigma Beta had in their lives. 

Marcus pointed to another, more unusual, way that Beta Sigma Beta helped him launch his career. “I was the poorest kid in my class by far,” he remembers. “And I was the concessionaire. I ran the Pepsi machine and the candy machine, sold party favors and sweatshirts. I decided to expand to other fraternities and started to sell things to them too. Not only did that role help me hone my belief that I was good at sales, but it also staked me to the money I needed to move to California, buy a very, very used car, and put down my first and last month’s rent on rooming. Fortunately, I found an opportunity within just three weeks of moving to Los Angeles.” (He started out in the mailroom at a forerunner of the current ICM Partners in 1968, and was promoted to agent at the end of that year.) Mike Marcus ‘67

“Beta Sig bestowed many lifetime friends that are still my closest friends.”Stuart Levin ‘71



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