Stuart Levin ‘71: Joining Beta Sigma Beta made Penn State more personal for me

Stuart Levin ‘71 ( says that joining Beta Sigma Beta (or Beta Sigma Rho, as it was known when he pledged) made Penn State more personal for him. “The size of Penn State campus and number of undergrads made me want to join a fraternity to better meet other students. 

He says that it stood out from other fraternities on campus. “Most genuine members who did not require conformity.” 

He says that one of his favorite memories are of “The great debate as to what to do with some extra money we had one term. One faction wanted a “Schvitz” and I can’t remember what the other factions wanted.”  

Levin says that Beta Sig impacted his life long after graduation “Beta Sig bestowed many lifetime friends that are still my closest friends.” 

He says that he donates to the chapter for one important reason. “I give back in the hope that young men can experience some of the same wonderful experiences I got.”  

Without Beta Sigma Beta, I wouldn’t have made the lifelong friends I made. 

Author: betasigmabeta