Kenny Dubin ’86: “Without Beta Sig, I would not be where I am today: a 58-year-old, bald, Jewish fella from Huntingdon Valley, PA who cherished every moment in Beta Sig from the first line up until today!”

Kenny Dubin ‘86 graduated from Penn State in 1986 with a degree in accounting.  After two years in public accounting and passing his CPA, Kenny became a recruiter. After years of working to build his recruiting firm, Kenny recently sold it to a Publicly Traded Company.  

Kenny has two sons, Jack (19), an active Beta Sig brother and member of the class of 2025, and Asher (18) as well as a fiancé, Cassi Cohen. Having sold his house in Merion, PA, Kenny plans to spend his time in Margate, NJ and will travel to Florida for the winter. 

Kenny Dubin ‘86 currently serves the Beta Chapter as a General Board Member. Looking back at his past positions, Kenny says, “This is my second stint on the Board after being Treasurer for 6 years in the 90’s. I am now seeing the difference in the house and brothers from over the years.” 

When deciding whether or not to join a fraternity at Penn State, Kenny says the demeanor of the brothers in Beta Sig were his deciding factor. “After starting in the summer in 1986, I reunited with some old camp friends who said they were looking at fraternities. We started to hang out and talk about Beta Sig, and I immediately felt comfortable with the brotherhood. I pledged for a chance to meet friends and enjoy a whole new life experience. Unbeknownst to me, it would be a life changer that my parents afforded me. Neither of them went to college, but they experienced both Penn State and Beta Sig through my eyes.” 

Kenny reminisced on his favorite memories from his time in Beta Sig. “The house in the 80’s was simply FUN. Different than today’s house in which my son, Jack ‘25, is living in my old room #12. We had socials with sororities every Friday night, and Formal Dinner every night at 6PM when the Chancellor let us in the dining room. Dinner was fun, and we were able to relive the day’s social events, the weekend parties, and simply one laugh after another.” 

After graduating from Penn State, Kenny started off his career thanks to a Beta Sig alumnus. “A Beta Sig alumni afforded me my first accounting job out of school as well as innumerable social and business contacts.” 

Not only did Beta Sig prepare Kenny for his professional life, but he owes it to the fraternity for connecting him to many lifelong friendships. Kenny says, “I value [these friendships] more than anything.  To this day, my closest friends are part of Beta Sig: my pledge class (Spring of 83), including Brad Stoltz, Stephen Holstein, Paul Miller, Craig Garfield, Jack Collazzo, all the brothers I lived in the house with, any brother that overlapped from 83-88, as well as our 30-year-old Fantasy Football league, which is now Beta Sigs and now their sons.” 

When asked about the value of Beta Sigma Beta on Penn State’s campus, Kenny says, “To me, Beta Sig was just as important as Penn State itself. To go anywhere, and mention Penn State, so often people say, were you in a Fraternity? When I proudly say, ‘Yes I was a Beta Sig’, I get two responses: 1. They threw great parties!  2. Do you know…….” 

After all his years and experiences with Beta Sig, Kenny chooses to give back to the fraternity that gave him so much. “To get, you must give. I give my time, advice, and knowledge to the Board. In response, I get satisfaction knowing that the House is still there, standing and thriving.” 

“Without Beta Sig, I would not be where I am today: a 58-year-old, bald, Jewish fella from Huntingdon Valley, PA who cherished every moment in Beta Sig from the first line up until today!” 

Author: betasigmabeta