Joshua E. Goldberg D.O. ’92: “We all share a bond and help each other.” 

Joshua Goldberg currently works as a surgeon practicing in Abington, PA. An active donor to the Eberly College of Science, he says has great memories of Penn State and still enjoys visiting Beta Sig. 

When he was in school, he says the house was known for “great, popular brothers and sisters” and names the large window stairwell as his favorite hangout spot. Although he describes the great memories from his time in the fraternity as too numerous to list, a yacht trip to the Bahamas from Florida stands out. 

He considers the “lifelong friendships” formed Beta Sigma Beta, even feeling unable to single out a specific brother or group of brothers who had the most impact on him during his time at Penn State. It was “all of them,” he says. “We all share a bond and help each other.” 

Joshua resides in his hometown of Lafayette Hill, PA with his wife Brooke, who he calls his “Beta Sigma Beta love story,” and their three children Alec, Lili, and Eva. 

Author: betasigmabeta