Here’s how Beta Sigma Beta impacted my life

Beta Sigma Beta is the place where we had a lot of firsts. It’s the place where we first ventured out of our hometowns, the first place we bonded to on campus, and the place where we first learned the true meaning of friendship and how to be real men. Read on to see what your brothers said on how Beta Sigma Beta impacted their lives.

Joshua Goldberg D.O. ’92 considers the “lifelong friendships” formed Beta Sigma Beta, even feeling unable to single out a specific brother or group of brothers who had the most impact on him during his time at Penn State. It was “all of them,” he says. “We all share a bond and help each other.”

“Working with David Lipson during those post-fire days to rebuild the house created a lifelong friendship,” Stuart Lessin ’77 said. “It also was a valuable experience in leadership and crisis management, lifelong lessons and that carried with me.”

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