Alumni Profile: Ethan Asam ’18

We recently reached out to our amazing alumni members and asked what they have been up to since Penn State. Read on to see what our alumni brother Ethan Asam ’18 had to say.

Who do you still hang out with from Beta Sigma Beta? 

Around 15 guys from my PC alone live in NYC and we make it a priority to see each other weekly and even coordinated a PC trip to Deep Creek Lake this past Summer.  We also see plenty of other beta sigs who live in NYC and Philly often and we are always inviting each other to various events and outings.

Tell us about your family—are you married?

I am not married but have an amazing girlfriend.  I am living in New York City in the Flatiron neighborhood currently.  I’m currently living with 2 members of my pledge class as well (Ben Doyle and Jon Winneg).  I love how vibrant and exciting my community is.  There are always so many things to do whether it’s hitting a bar with the guys, concerts, sporting events, or even just stopping by the local farmers market at Union Square.

Are you advancing your education or working in your dream career?

I am currently working as an Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle and Beta Sig definitely helped me get to where I am today.  The networking opportunities help you in ways you never even realize.  My network across PSU helped me a ton during my time here at Oracle.

Do you volunteer in your community? What hobbies and talents continue to bring you joy? 

Volunteering opportunities during Covid were not always available but I am planning on volunteering here in NYC very soon.  I’d say a big hobby of mine is of course keeping up with PSU football and us in NYC make sure to watch every weekend together.  Not the best time for this to be a hobby though!  Another hobby I love is playing IM basketball; my friends will tell you I was always an IM aficionado.  Myself and Max Album have our 4th IM game tonight in fact and we are looking to go to 3-1.


Author: betasigmabeta