A Letter from the Board

Dear Beta Sigma Beta Community,

It is a pleasure to connect with you all!  Spring semester is off without a hitch, join us in welcoming 25 new Beta Sigs into our community.  This would not have been possible without the support of our new Undergraduate Leadership Team led by Dylan Blatstein (Chancellor), Jason Finberg (Vice-Chancellor), along with Marcelo Demoraes (Rush Chairman), and the entire Spring Rush Team.  These 25 new members will make an excellent addition to our constantly growing & evolving community.

This year, THON broke it’s record high in raising $13.7 million for the kids, the previous record was set in 2014 at $13.3 million.  Congratulations & special thanks to our 3 dancers Ethan Jeck, Jack Sorkin & Pierce Barbour for their 46 hour endurance effort, we were all cheering you on.

We are constantly looking at opportunities to advance our Alumni Board with more expanse skill sets and greater reach among our community.  With that, it is our pleasure to announce our newest Board member addition, Aaron Portner.  Portner is a 2016 graduate who served as Undergraduate Chancellor in the Fall of 2014 & brings an array of fresh ideas and structures for Undergraduate relations such as Rush, New Member Education, & Judicial Board positioning.  Anyone willing to volunteer their time to help Beta Sig thrive is doing a service to our entire community and we want to deeply thank Portner and our entire Board for their constant dedication.

Most importantly, thank you to each and every member of the Beta Alumni Association that helps make our community thrive.  While we are only a single chapter at one university, the stories we hear from recognizing our organization all over the world are incredible.  We urge you to continue sharing your stories & pictures with us so we can highlight them to the community as seen in this newsletter and all of our communications.  These stories can be submitted through our website at BetaSigmaBeta.com or by emailing us at betaalumniboard@betasigmabeta.com.


Jordan Brown #890 & Jonathan Spiegel #512

Author: betasigmabeta